Sponsors for the 14th Annual Event

PLATINUM ($10,000)









The Demkovich Family         

Diane and David Pawl


SILVER ($5,000)


BRONZE ($2,500)






PEWTER ($1,000)

Brenda Malloy
Gloria and Mike Holman
Imelda Mehlert and Bruce Morehead
Jennifer and Mark Fleischer
Lee and Beverly Ahrensdorf
Louise and Thomas Coffey
Nina and Steve Iser
Patricia Talty
Robert and Georgia Fisher












COPPER ($500)

Anne Slade
Barbara K. Yeager
Bruce Gilbert
Carla and Michael Blumenthal
Joe and Gail Trachtenberg
John and Lynne Hall
Marie and Bram Cliffe
Mark Makara
Virginia Pietrocarlo














Thank you for your support! It is because of your generosity that a difference has been made in our community.