Advance ticket holders for our 12th annual Empty Bowls Event in Cambier park

Ticket holders will be able to line up at the "NEW ENTRANCE" on Park St (near the Gazebo) south of the main stage.

Look for the bright green 15’ flag signs.

We will start checking in at 10:30am. Event is from 11AM-2PM. You will exchange your emailed ticket(s) for an event ticket which will allow you to choose your soup bowl and have access to those tables.

The soup lines will officially open at 11am.

Prior to this time you will be able to view the Boutique and Pay N Take shopping areas. (and possibly the Silent Auction area)

We will have people starting to pass out tickets for bowls as soon as possible so that you will be able to be in the park and ready to get lined up for your favorite selections.

If you bring others with you on the day of the event, we may be able to accommodate them so that you do not have to be separated.

See you there!